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Baza danych Przedmiotów - Beer Glass

jozinzpoland - 2009-05-24, 16:12
Temat postu: Beer Glass
Czy da się tym handlować:tak
Low Alchemy:0gp
High Alchemy:1gp
Ile kosztuje:
Examine:I need to fill this with beer.

aamaomao - 2009-08-12, 11:27

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Polacy4 - 2009-08-12, 14:59

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During the Renaissance, Flo-rence was a paradise for artists themselves. In fact, the Renaissance began here more than 500 years
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Tasks:True or false.
1. Before the Renaissance artists mainly painted pictures of ordinary people.
2. Michelangelo’s David was in the great Palazzo Vecchio.
3. Some palaces in Florence are art treasures themselves


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